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Lockdown – Week 8

Being in Lockdown changes you. The way you think and feel as well as making you do strange things. Week 8 got off to an unfortunate start when I accidentally sprayed the sunflower seedlings with an anti-bacterial spray instead of water. It wasn’t the brightest thing to do. I am glad to say they are …

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COUNTDOWN TO KESWICK – Upping the Fitness Regime​

Eleven days and counting… I Named My Dog ‘5 Miles’ So I Can Tell People I Walk 4 Miles Every Day! http:/ I do walk every day, the way my writing companion, Cassie the Blog Dog, looks at me is enough to get me out of the house and up the road. As soon as we …

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Home is where Cassie the Blog Dog is

“You see, sometimes in life, the best thing for all that ails you has fur and four legs.” ― Mark J. Asher, All That Ails You: The Adventures of a Canine Caregiver I am leaving this wonderful climate tomorrow … with a heavy heart. I am fully recovered from the lurgy I arrived with but …

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Aspiring Artist … Charlotte McNulty

There is much maturity in Charlotte’s art that it is hard to believe that she is currently wading through her GCSEs.   I believe this is a rare talent for one so young. She has really captured the essence of our beautiful Cassie the Blog Dog, but her portraiture of people as well as animals are …

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Carpe Diem – New Year’s Resolution to Start Blogging Again

Cassie The Blog Dog and I have just been for a walk. Cassie to burn off some her exuberant joie de vivre and me to burn off the calories and the after effects of last night’s plummy little Merlot. The sun was out, albeit a watery glow in the sky. I walked and she tore through the fields like a gazelle about to go into orbit. She is a joy to watch and I wish I had an nth of her va va voom.

Diary of a Hapless Blogger

3.30a.m.  Bloody Carpal Tunnel Syndome is becoming a wide-awake nightmare.  So pleased that my appointment with relevant consultant has finally come through – 23rd June 2016.  Joy!  I have got so many more sleepless nights to look forward to. 4.30a.m. Finished blog of the day and now tittivating my Work In Progress characters.  Why are …

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Cassie the Blog Dog – Fabulous at Four

For fans of Cassie the Blog Dog we are delighted to announce the launch of Cassie’s new website  Cassie has blogged with us for over two years now and it is time for her to go it alone.  Although we very much hope that she will Guest Blog with us from time to time when …

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Blogger’s Log Stardate 5/2/16

Edit, edit, edit. Delete, delete, delete. I do wonder why I spend so many hours writing, writing, writing when I delete so much of it and rewrite. Perish the thought that I may have fallen into the category of windbag. Today I have lost count of how many cups of coffee I have drunk. This …

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Blogger’s Log – Stardate 29/01/16

Not a good night.  I could have slept all the way through, but Cassie the Blog Dog got me up twice.  Too much water before bedtime, bought on by finding an unsupervised packet of cheesy bites and scoffing the lot.  Having finally got back to sleep, I then woke up early.  Sod’s Law.  Cassie however …

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Talk to Cassie – The Shorkie is in – Misha the Bengal

Hello everyone.  Tessa has just told me off because I have not blogged for some time.  I am sorry about that, but I have had so much on during the summer.  Well, if you can call it summer.  In and out of the showers I have been running around with my friends Archie and Poppy which has …

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GOW WAXING LYRICAL – My Place in the Sun

“Welcome to Faro”.  The Easy Jet Steward announced on arrival last Thursday.  “Please make sure you take all items of hand luggage with you, as well as all your children”.  Apparently last week when that particular crew arrived at Faro, someone left their child on board. I had battled to mow the lawn before leaving last …

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