Sometimes during a rare night of deep sleep, I dream about some cracking plotlines and try to wake myself up to write them down.  More often than not, when I do manage to wake myself up, I can’t remember them.

Bizarre Dream Recall


More recently I dream my worldly goods are on the back of a hand-drawn cart.  I keep putting my dog and three cats on the back of the cart.  They keep jumping off and I repeatedly put them back, but eventually, they run away and I can’t find them.  My wallet is something else I regularly lose in my dreams and I end up roaming the streets with nothing more than the clothes I am wearing.  Brexit angst?

When the Editing Process gets to you…

“Do you own this comma?’
“I do M’lady, yes, his name is Cid and I also own that full stop.”
“Do you know that Cid is in the wrong place?”

Sleep to Dream

So what triggered my subconscious to weave teleportation into my dream?

Command Performance Dreaming

The atmosphere is intense.  I am feeling a little nervous now.  It is almost time to deliver my important one liner to Maggie and I lean, a little too heavily, on a piece of the scenery which brings the whole set crashing down around the revered actors.

You would have a field day with me Mr Freud …

I suffer from Arachnophobia
at the best of times … in fact anything with a 8 legs and a plump, hairy abdomen and I’m off. So, why would I dream about a tarantula crawling across my face and open mouth?

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