Six of the Best by Dreena Collins – Available on Amazon now!

She Had Met Liars Before by Dreena Collins, talk about six of the best! Now available Amazon, I bought my copy planning to savour each story, one at a time, at my leisure. Soaking up every word of what I knew would be beautifully crafted stories… Instead I ended up binge reading all of them, which left me thirsty for more.


I stumbled across this image today posted on FB by the author Laurie Buchanan. It made me realise how dilatory I have been recently, when it comes to reading and reviewing the work of self-published authors, many of whom are friends. Reading and reviewing books by self-published authors is key to their success. Reviews, good or bad, areContinue reading “SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHORS & THE IMPORTANCE OF WRITING A REVIEW”

Bye, Bye Week Number 30, 2020

Bye, Bye week number 30, 2020. You’ve been an interesting one.

Exhilarating​ – The Jersey Festival of Words 2019

Yesterday I went to four sessions at the Jersey Festival of Words, it was the day for me to soak up the words of wisdom, as well as support, local writing talent and hopes of coming away with a better understanding of what literary agents are looking for.


I am fortunate enough to be a member of the Jersey Writer’s Social Group. We meet once a week to toss ideas around and get friendly feedback from other members on our own writing. We all share a love of writing and there is nothing quite like hanging out with like-minded people. We also share the same ambition, to see our work in print. Some of our members have already been published and Dreena Collins is one of them.

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