Life Beyond the Bastard Bug

During my supine week, the fug in my head made it difficult to process most things, let alone finish the edit.  I did still retain the brainpower to operate the TV remote, but everything I watched made me cry.


I started off 2020 with targets, and have been thrown off course already.

I’ve been knocked for six by some microscopic little bastard that has invaded my body and seems reluctant to leave.

The Diaries of Cassie The Blog Dog

This is a Shorkie Announcement We apologise for the lack of Lost Blogging over the last few days, but Tessa has ‘flu’. She’s coughing and wheezing, not to mention moaning and groaning.  We have had  3 sleepless nights so far, so I am shattered.  But don’t worry,  Tessa is getting plenty of Shorkie Continue Reading

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