THE DOTAGE DIARIES – I’ve Finally Joined the Craft Club

So how come I can remember what my homework was when I was eleven and I can’t remember which floor of the multi-story car park I left my car an hour earlier? Decreased blood flow to the brain, apparently, so I’m off to see if I can remember how to stand on my head to precipitate a rush of blood to my brains.

GOW on the Beach

Today I was on the same beach I frolicked on almost 30 years ago. Those heady, carefree days I spent topless, chasing a frisbee, unaware that my pert little orbs were flying free. My svelte, flawless, bronzed body, glided across the ochre coloured sands and dived effortlessly into the Atlantic Continue Reading

OFF THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR: Early Onset Mid-Life Crisis

40 years on the planet and what exactly had she got to show for it?  Apart from 40-year-old blubber, wrinkles and facial hair?  Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing.  No relationship, no children and a stagnating career.  She had worked hard to reach the top of her tree but, over the last few years some of the branches had been lopped off.  Her career had become a downward spiral and her life an uphill struggle.  She was tired, disillusioned and had subconsciously resigned herself to the fact that this was how things were going to be.  An elderly primigravida, alone against the world.


I am now a fully paid up member of an elite group of erudite and experienced women of a certain age. No longer self-effacing, I speak my mind at every twist and turn of the rocky road of what is left of my life. Yes, I am loud and proud. The Continue Reading

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