THINGS THAT INSPIRE ME: Writing Free Poetry – a Liberating Experience

I was recently invited to write some free poetry WE PAW Bloggers E-zine — Issue 74. The subject was, ‘things that inspire you, and’ my contribution, with its innovative title, ‘The Things That Inspire Me’, proved to be a liberating experience.  Poetry was my first love, but it has been several decades since I last wrote a poem,Continue reading “THINGS THAT INSPIRE ME: Writing Free Poetry – a Liberating Experience”

Morning Glow – The Inspirational Light of Dawn

Yesterday at dawn, I was woken by my cat purring in my ear.  There are worst ways of being woken up.  Throwing back the curtains, I was greeted by a spectacular sunrise bursting across the horizon and the inspirational light, together with the birdsong, quite took my breath away. A vast, glowing sphere of hotContinue reading “Morning Glow – The Inspirational Light of Dawn”

Re-find my Funny

I started 2020 with newfound confidence and a steely determination to succeed in my writing goals. I’m over halfway through my second novel, a murder-mystery spoof, and was skipping and dancing my way down a road fuelled by purple patches with a finishing date of the end of April.  Then, somewhere around the unfolding COVID-19 crisis in Italy, my bubble burst, and I lost my mojo.  Since then, I’ve been struggling to find my funny.

Losing the Plot? Dare to Dream

As the cogs start to turn and 2019 rolls into 2020, changes are afoot here at Lost Blogs.  It will be a new chapter in the life of this pantser-style blog, as its creator evolves into the Plotter she always knew she should be.

Creative Words Matter: Weekend Writer’s Workshop with Adrienne Dines

I returned home with my head buzzing and lost all track of time, as I embarked on a wine-fuelled creative writing binge.

Friday Throwback: The Ever-Changing​ Sky


Inspirational Women – Lizzie Velásquez – Brave Starts Here

I am always plugging myself into TED Talks. For my own benefit, I refer to them as PEP Talks. 15 minutes tuned into someone who is passionate about what they do and how they achieved it, is really motivating. You need so much confidence and passion to stand up in front of an arena fullContinue reading “Inspirational Women – Lizzie Velásquez – Brave Starts Here”

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