THE GRAN CANARIA EXPERIENCE: Apartamentos Cordial Mogán Valle

We are staying at the Apartamentos Cordial Mogán Valle. After the monsoon-like rain the day we arrived, things have improved to the extent that I have just had to come inside … because I’m too hot. We are here until Friday and don’t think we have seen the last of Continue Reading

The Gran Canaria Experience: Day 1

Boarding a coach with a group of fellow glum and pasty-faced looking Brits, aching to find some sunshine and trying not to cry as they were dropped off at their various rain-soaked hotels that they had so carefully chosen several weeks before

TRAVEL UNDAUNTED: Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria

We are off tomorrow and I have been looking at the weather forecast in Puerto de Mogán on a daily basis for quite some time, willing the temperature to rise.

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