The Beating Heart of the Community

While some people appeared to blinker themselves from the reality of these unprecedented times, there have been some incredible random acts of random kindnesses and feel-good community spirit going on.

Delivery services are popping up for both food, and other supplies, to cater for the more vulnerable in our community and those in isolation.  

I fully appreciate how lucky I am living in Jersey, Channel Islands.  Cue for me to thank our incredible team of doctors and nurses on Jersey’s Coronavirus front line, for what they are doing on behalf of us all.

Sara Strudwick – Spread the Word

Simon Cowell, may be able to mould and mentor young wannabes into global superstars but, as I have been saying for quite some time, Jersey seems to be doing a great job of nurturing its own home grown talent. We are not talking about New Jersey, no.  This Jersey is a Continue Reading

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