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Losing the Plot? Dare to Dream

As the cogs start to turn and 2019 rolls into 2020, changes are afoot here at Lost Blogs.  It will be a new chapter in the life of this pantser-style blog, as its creator evolves into the Plotter she always knew she should be.

Rejection is not The End (although it may feel like it!)

Whatever genre you wrap up your story up in, however many weeks, months and years it has taken you to reach The End, the next step is to get people to read it. 

A Belated HNY

I am very touched that a few of you still continue visit my blog on a daily basis, especially when I can only seem to  manage intermittent blogging these days.  Thank you and a balated happy new year to you all. So if I, apparently, have nothing to […]

Blogger’s Log – Stardate 7/2/2016

I fear this is the lull before Storm Imogen and I am ready to batten down the hatches again.  Food is running dangerously low, but journeying out to the supermarket just doesn’t appeal, as I fear Imogen might arrive sooner than she is forecast.  So  it would be safer to lose the […]

Blogger’s Log – Stardate 02/02/16

As I lead my errant cast of characters towards their fate, they willingly follow.  One, in particular, has endeared himself to me, having tapped into to my thought process to find out it was my intention to bump him off in chapter 21.  In the end… I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Blogger’s Log – Stardate 29/01/16

Not a good night.  I could have slept all the way through, but Cassie the Blog Dog got me up twice.  Too much water before bedtime, bought on by finding an unsupervised packet of cheesy bites and scoffing the lot.  Having finally got back to sleep, I then […]

Blogger’s Log – Stardate 28/01/2016

I have been awake for most of the night, but I am pleased to report that it was for all the best reasons!  No tossing, turning and staring blankly at the ceiling in frustration.  No. None of that.  Several hours of a great an outpouring of words that have […]

AWOL – The Excuses

There is no getting away from it.  I drifted away from Lost Blogs for over a week, the blog dates do not give me an opportunity to fib about the day I actually wrote and posted them.  OK, I could never be classified as a prolific blogger at the best […]

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