I never envisaged writing anything like this, but these are unprecedented times.

Writing a diary helps me keep some sort of perspective of the chaos that is unfolding around me.  Maybe it would help you too?

We need to focus on our families, as well as everything around us that we hold dear and make us who we are.

Hang on.  We may be in this for the long haul, but the cloud will lift, eventually.

4th April 2020                                            Silent Sunny Saturday

1st April 2020                                            Heads will Roll

30th March 2020                                      Lockdown

29th March 2020                                      How To Get My (Writing) Mojo Back

27th March 2020                                      In Appreciation of Healthcare Workers Everywhere #ClapForCarers

26th March 2020                                      Into the Eye of the Storm

25th March 2020                                      The Beating Heart of the Community

25th March 2020                                      They Road to Becoming a Domestic Goddess

22nd March 2020                                    The Wind of Change

20th March 2020                                     Baby Boomers

19th March 2020                                     Life as We Know It

18th March 2020                                     Bringing out the Worst in People

17th March 2020                                    A New Dawn

15th March 2020                                    Mental Preparation

14th March 2020                                   Under the Cloud of Covid-19

Black Friday 13th March 2020             Getting Through the Coronavirus Crisis

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