WRITING FOR YOUR LIFE – The Ultimate Self-Therapy

WRITING FOR YOUR LIFE – The Ultimate Self-Therapy – I had never consciously thought about writing about my life but, subconsciously, I had been doing it for years. Blogging under the sub-heading of My Life to Date and How I’ve Survived It, and The Dotage Diaries, should have been the clue.

Getting Things Out of Your Head and on to Your Hardrive

During Lockdown, I felt compelled to start writing about my life to date. The future looked bleak. Our lives threatened by an unseen enemy so, as always, I turned to writing as an emotional release. The ultimate self-therapy.

I had two large writing projects in the mix, Just Say It, and The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook – still in the mix, which I should have been focussing on but, I couldn’t.  It was a surreal time, which gave us all so much time to reflect and to reminisce.  

A halcyon day – losing myself in the Indian Ocean 2013

Lockdown concentrated our minds about what we want to do with the rest of our lives when this weird masked-up life is finally behind us.  It dramatically changed my perspective, in terms of how unimportant material things are.  It highlighted the three things that are of paramount importance.

The people you chose to spend your life with

How you treat other living things on our fragile earth, and

The air that we breathe

Lockdown also brought back colourful images of our halcyon days.  Those unforgettable holidays in far-flung places, going to the theatre and being a part of the beating heart of London’s vibrant West End, or even an evening with friends in the pub. 

We are not out of the COVID-19 woods yet, and the continuing threat of succumbing to this unseen enemy galvanised me into recording some the events in my life to date, for posterity.  

My Life to Date and How I’ve Survived it by Sally Edmondson is an ongoing project.


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